First Post!


Hair and Beauty inthusiast addicted to tattoos and trainers, with a love for fashion trends and dogs.

Previously working in the industry gained me experience alongside qualifications in hairdressing and beauty therapy, although working in the given environment was not for me! Bitchy salons and nasty customers – no thank you! However it is still a huuuuge interest of mine. I fill my spare time continuously changing my hair colour, trying, testing and experimenting with new hair, beauty and make up products.

The rest of my time is spent stacking up money to cover myself in pretty tattoos! And for hunting down limited edition trainers, I like to be able to walk down the street knowing there’s a high chance I won’t be bumping into anyone wearing the same pair as me.

I’ve just started a new business along side my full time job, to gain some extra income and to help keep my cash flowing so I can continue with these interests!

I’ll be sharing my finds with you, reviewing products, and general posts on things that interest me and are catching my eye at the moment!



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