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Pastel blue hair 💎


Ok, so you name it, I’ve tried it. Pastel hair is a pain in the arse- but it’s worth it!

Only do it if you have the time and are willing to put in the money/effort to maintain the colour, and by that I mean you need to freshen the colour once a week if you wash your hair frequently! That’s what I found anyway, you may be lucky.

I’ve tried many brands and products, my preffered two are Pixie Lott Paint: Hawiaii (top left) and Wella Instamatics: Ocean Storm (top right) middle picture is a blue to silver ombré using Wella Instamatics.

I found Pixie Lott paint really easy to apply, the colour was nice and strong, it didn’t go patchy and looked great. Although it didn’t fade very well. My hair is very porous on the ends due to years of bleaching so instead of fading to a paler blue and then to a silver, it left a greeny/turquoise stain on the mid lengths and ends of my hair. This product comes with a “fade out” shampoo which is advertised to help nicely lighten and fade the colour out of your hair. This didn’t work for me and I had to result in a bleach shampoo to remove the green tinge. For me this wasn’t a huge problem but for anyone without any professional  hairdressing knowledge it would take either a lot of washing or a trip to the salon  to fully remove this product from your hair. However, I would use this again! The colour is beautiful. This product is also easily accessible to buy, you can find it in most Boots and Super Drug stores.

My favourite product for the perfect pastel blue is Wella Instamatics: Ocean Storm. Stunning colour, no patchiness, and it left my hair feeling smooth and silky. The only down side of this product is that I needed to leave it to develop for a little longer than the recommended development time, but I’m glad I did. I was amazed with the result and so was everyone else. Everyone’s hair is different, you will get to know how your hair takes to different products and colours the more you experiment. I have used this product many times now and have found it has given me the perfect pastel blue every time. It faded to a lighter blue and then gradually back to a lovely silver/white (my base colour), no stains what so ever. This product is made for professionals although you can probably get hold of it on eBay.

Remember to always do a patch test on your skin 48hrs before, instructions should be provided for this with your product.

It is also adviseable to do a strand test on your hair, this is to see how long the colour needs to develop to reach your desired shade and to see how your hair will cope with the chemicals. If you have hair extensions or wear clip ins, make sure you do a strand test on these too- extensions sometimes take differently so be careful!





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