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How to get your hands on deadstock footwear 👟✨

I couldn’t even believe it myself but I managed to get my hands on a pair of grey Adidas Superstars (yeah I know). The Pharrell  Supercolours and the Berlin Superstars are deadstock. Sold out. Everywhere. However I was determined, and when I see a pair of trainers that I want I don’t stop searching until I have found them.

After hours spent searching online, eBay, I finally found a pair on depop. Brand new in the box with the tags still attached! A lovely girl from Ireland had bought them in the wrong size and lost the paper work to return them. Of course I snapped her hand of for them and these are now my new favourite pair. If you keep looking, you will find them eventually! The value goes up when they sell out, so there is always someone out there selling a pair for profit. ✨

Shoes: Adidas Equality Supercolours by Pharrell


Two years ago when Nike realised the Nike x Liberty pack and the samples started circulating on Instagram It was love at first sight and I knew I had to get myself a pair.

There is a great app called Sole Supplier. You can search for new releases, upcoming releases and it tells you the dates that they will be dropped, and which stores will be stocking them.  

Happy hunting.



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