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Nyx liquid suede lipstick πŸ’‹


The girls at work were raving about the new nyx counter in Boots, so I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.

It is advertised really well and I have to admit i wanted to buy one of everything! After running out of room on my hand for swatches I finally decided on this lovely pink shade in the liquid suede lipstick.

The colour isΒ unreal.Β It glides onto your lips really well, I had one of theirΒ wonder pencilsΒ (which are amazing by the way) at the ready for any bleeding or smudges, but this wasn’t needed! The brush was great to apply with and I had no issues.

The problem I found with this was I seemed to be waiting for it to dry for a very long time, it felt like when you have just painted your nails and you can’t touch anything for an hour or so, you know that really tacky feeling. But it never dried, just stayed tacky and sticky on my lips, which then smudged and came off in patches just from me talking! I lasted two hours and then had to grab a make up wipe and remove it.

I don’t think I would buy one of these again. The colour is great although I think I should have chosen a matte lipstick instead, instead of the liquid suede. I’ll try one of those next time!


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