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Finally! A fake tan for sensitive skin ☺️✨

I was dubious as to what this would be like as other tans I have tried that are for ‘sensitive skin’ have not delivered, they all claim to be made from ‘natural’ tanning agents but still manage to irritate my skin.

I have finally found my match! 🙌🏼 

The St . Tropez naturals self tan milk for sensitive skin does exactly what it says on the tin, it left my skin soft and nourished, it did have a very slight smell but not your usual dodgey fake tan aroma. No itchiness, no rash. 

I would definitely reccomend this, it’s great for putting on before an event for a natural glow or for using more regularly to create a constant sun kissed look, And it did not again my hands! 

I also managed to find this on Amazon for around £10 which was an absolute bargain, a definite 10/10. 



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