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Grey to Silver Ombré ✨

People are always asking me how I get my hair Silver/Grey.

Your hair needs be a base of a pure yellow/white blonde. This requires bleaching, do not attempt to do this yourself as it requires a professional.

Once you have the white base you can then begin to tone. Choose a toner with an ashy base I.e a blue or purple. Purple shampoo works just as well if left on your hair for 5-10 mins. 

Repeat the toning until you are happy with the shade. It can take up to around two weeks for you to really notice a difference in the tone of your blonde hair – just stick at it.

For winter I usually give my hair a break from the bleach and leave my roots to grow through for a few months.

I then create a dark grey to silver ombré using Scwartzkopf Igora in the shade slate grey.

This is mixed 1:1 with 6% peroxide. I go against the instructions which say to mix with the pastel developer but I find this works better on my hair. 

I apply to my roots first, and then go back through and blend to the mid lengths. I leave this to develop for 30 mins and then rinse.

I always follow with my Re Nu hair mask to replenish my hair.



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