I really struggle to understand how so many people can just S E T T L E into the “normal” work your arse off for someone else for nearly all of your life routine. ☹️ I don’t get it. Just because something is different doesn’t mean that it won’t work or it’s not right for you. 💭 I know so many people that are “skint” but are happy to struggle off one payday every month. To live the lifestyle we want to live in this generation it is almost impossible off just one stream of income. Saving for a mortgage so you can’t go out every weekend or you have to cut back on holidays, festivals, all the things that you E N J O Y. Why can’t we do both? Why should you have to miss out? I don’t have to and I’m not going to because I stepped out of my comfort zone and went against the “normal”. My organisation is becoming stronger every day. All about that #residualincome 👀💸


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